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17 Celebrities Who Don’t Drive Luxury Cars

Celebrities enjoy a lot of perks. They’re world famous (most of the time), influential, and best of all, mega rich. We all know that much, especially the last part. Yep, from the the glamorous stars of Hollywood to the icons of sports, celebrities are living large with their ginormous mansions, million dollar clothes, and everyday compact cars.   Wait, did ...

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15 Celebrities that have Insured Body Parts

For many celebrities the world over, body image is everything. Their body or specific body parts will land them their next movie role,be used in the marketing of their new single or to score modelling and advertising gigs. Given the association many celebrities have with certain body parts – thick lips to legs to rear-ends – great lengths are taken ...

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15 NFL Players That Have Gone Bankrupt

Being a celebrity football player is always no assurance of achievement in life. Yes, the players play and make millions of money while they are at the top of their game, but controlling money is always a problem. It also doesn’t benefit that a normal NFL career only lasts the duration of 3 to 4 years. It is just a ...

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