Top 12 Highest Murder Rate Cities In The World

Some of the most frequently visited and beautiful hot vacation spots are all located in South America. It is a top destination for tourists who love the sun all year round and have a love for exploring ancient ruins. However, South America might also be the most murderous continent on earth. Don’t let the beauty of the cities and the ...

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20 Interesting and Suprisisng Facts About the Human Mind and Body

The human body is truly an intricate and complex system. It still baffles researchers and doctors despite the hundreds of years of medical knowledge. It shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the body parts we deal with have unexpected explanations behind them. Here are some of the bizarre facts about the human body and mind. Now let’s get on ...

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Top 9 Weirdest Animals You Can Only Find in Costa Rica

 1. Red eye tree frog Huge red eyes and long narrow body make this tree frog stand out among other species.  These creatures can be found in the rain forests of Costa Rica. The most prominent features of the frog are the big red eyes and cool looking orange feet. The colorful body helps to protect the animal from other ...

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