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17 Hottest and Smartest News Anchors in the World

Julie Banderas Even at 42, Julie is still as hot as during her heydays at WLI-TV in Boston. She comes from a Colombian ancestry, and grew up in Hartford Connecticut where she spent a better part of her childhood. She then went on to Emerson College, where she studied journalism and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.   She had her ...

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16 Super Smart Celebrities that You Would Never Have Guessed

Our world is filled with a lot of beautiful and talented superstars. But did you know that aside from having these gifts, some of them were blessed with very high intelligence? You might not believe it at first but here is a list of the sixteen celebrities that you may not have known were super smart! Now let’s get on ...

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20 Interesting and Suprisisng Facts About the Human Mind and Body

The human body is truly an intricate and complex system. It still baffles researchers and doctors despite the hundreds of years of medical knowledge. It shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the body parts we deal with have unexpected explanations behind them. Here are some of the bizarre facts about the human body and mind. Now let’s get on ...

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