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Help, I Can’t Stop Arguing with my Partner!

Recognize there are two issues, your emotions and the situation. Never blame your other half if you are frustrated or angry. Check these tips to have a happier and healthier relationship. 1. Always Use the right words Instead of saying “ You don’t appreciate me” say “ I feel like I am not being heard..” The right choice of words ...

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Top 9 Weirdest Animals You Can Only Find in Costa Rica

 1. Red eye tree frog Huge red eyes and long narrow body make this tree frog stand out among other species.  These creatures can be found in the rain forests of Costa Rica. The most prominent features of the frog are the big red eyes and cool looking orange feet. The colorful body helps to protect the animal from other ...

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Top 10 Shocking Uses of Dryer Sheets You Had No Idea About

1. No More Stinky Shoes If you can’t get the odor out of your shoes simply place the unused dryer sheet inside them and let them sit for a day or two. They will neutralize smells leaving the shoes fresh.   2. Make your sink and glass shower door shine Magic way to clean your glass shower door, sinks, tile ...

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