15 Celebrities that have Insured Body Parts

For many celebrities the world over, body image is everything. Their body or specific body parts will land them their next movie role,be used in the marketing of their new single or to score modelling and advertising gigs.

Given the association many celebrities have with certain body parts – thick lips to legs to rear-ends – great lengths are taken to ensure these body parts are protected and maintained. But even with high levels of care and cosmetic surgery, sometimes it’s still just not enough in this age and day. Future earnings depend on image continuity and if these precious body parts were to fall victim to an unfortunate accident or be compromised in any way, many celebrities (and their agents) would fear for their earning power.


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Enter the underwriter into this equation and many celebrities sleep better. That’s right, an increasing number of celebrities are hedging against potential calamities by ensuring certain parts, often those that are established trademarks, are insured against a wide array of accidents. These policies are often very large and have received significant media attention and social media scrutiny. Here are 15 of the best insurance policies in the world of celebrity.

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