15 Most Recognized Celebrities who have Famous Parents

Kids learn a lot from their parents. They observe and grow in the footprints of their parents as they try to find their career path, passion and goals. Research reveals that most celebrity parents pass the mantle to their children and their children also raise another generation of famous, successful and meaningful people in the society. This is a list of 15 celebrities with famous parents you may not have known about.


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1. Colin Hanks

Collins Hanks is well known as that crazy guy who appeared in Dexter as Travis Marshall. He also appeared as a courageous guy in Band of Brothers. Many people may fail to recognize his roots, but to their surprise, Collins Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks. Just like his father, Collins is now becoming a world renowned movie star. Tom Hanks is famous and goes unmentioned as a gem in the 21st century movies. His is an Oscar-winning actor who has appeared in many movies.

Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks

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