Top 12 Highest Murder Rate Cities In The World

2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

111.03 murders per 100,000

The 2nd largest city of Honduras is one of the most dangerous cities on earth.

The city has one of the highest murder rates in the world due to gang violence and illegal drug trade, particularly to the United states. So called “war tax” has been implemented by gangs to local businesses, which are forced to pay monthly fees to gangs in order to stay in business. Resistance or late payments often turn deadly.

Kidnapping, extortion, carjacking, armed robbery are just few of many criminal activities in San Pedro Sula. Homicides due to firearms and cocaine trafficking have significantly increased in recent years.

Extremely high crime rate and economic stress have brought increase of migration of unaccompanied minors to the US border. Tourists are also often victims of crime and and need to exercise extreme caution.


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