Top 12 Highest Murder Rate Cities In The World

1. Caracas, Venezuela

119.87 murders per 100,000

The capital Caracas has been ranked as the most murderous city in the world.

Kidnapping and armed robberies are common and often end up in homicide for victims that show resistance. Violent crime is rife in both the capital city, Caracas, and the interior.

Foreigners are prime targets. Carjacking is a problem day and night, and resistance to robbery is not suggested since they usually result in the victim being shot dead. Fake police checkpoints, gang activities and even taxi drivers are known to rob tourists. Express kidnapping, where victims are selected randomly and held until money is extracted from their cards are common.

Airport safety issues have also been reported and in many cases, crimes are often committed by people wearing official uniforms. Majority of the crimes in Venezuela never get solved.


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