10 Of The Nastiest Celebrity Divorces In Hollywood.

Marriage is a life time commitment and many couples will tell that it isn’t easy. It requires a constant attention, time and effort to make marriage successful. When a marriage fails it always come with a price we must pay including divorce, alimony, child support, assets sharing and psychological disturbances. Divorce is always hard and painful, even when it’s for the best interest of all the parties involved. Divorces are just like normal occurrences in Hollywood with divorce after divorce hitting the news each and every day.
Some of the nastiest divorce cases in Hollywood are;


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1. David Cook and Christie Brinkley

Their divorce was full of battles. Christie tried to get a court order restraining David after he did an interview with Barbara Walters in an effort to clear his name. Allegations made in court against David include claims that he spent $3,000 per month on online porn and had an affair with his 18 year old assistant. David admitted to these claims, but accused Christie of ransacking his office, replicating his hard drive and scratching his face out of family photos. Brinkley responded by saying that such doings helped her to cool her anger. She ended up paying Cook $2 million, but retained custody of their two children and her own 18 properties.


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