The world mourns yet another legend and icon, Prince Rogers Nelson who breathed his last on 21 April 2016. Multiple sources have revealed that PRINCE died without a will, which means his brothers and sisters could potentially share in his estate. Initial reports have estimated his fortune to be worth a staggering 300 million.

The eccentric musical genius kept us entertained for years with his prowess performances. While his music and films have won countless awards and are extolled worldwide, little is known about his life.

Here are some interesting facts about Prince’s childhood, musical career, marriage and extraordinary talents that you probably didn’t know about:

Source: Youtube/ThemeParkJunkie

Source: Youtube/ThemeParkJunkie



1. Prince came from a musical family

Prince’s father, John Lewis Nelson performed with a jazz group known as the Prince Rogers Trio’ as a pianist and was a songwriter as well. His mother, Mattie Della Shaw was a jazz singer. Prince’s half sister, Tyka Evene is also a musician, both siblings having developed an interest in music through their father.


Source: Pinterest

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