Top 9 Weirdest Animals You Can Only Find in Costa Rica

 1. Red eye tree frog

Huge red eyes and long narrow body make this tree frog stand out among other species.  These creatures can be found in the rain forests of Costa Rica. The most prominent features of the frog are the big red eyes and cool looking orange feet. The colorful body helps to protect the animal from other predators by opening its eyes and displaying its toes.  This act often shocks larger creatures, giving the frog possibility to move quickly to its safety.

01-red eye tree frog


2. Sloth

Costa Rica is the home for one of the cutest and laziest animal Sloth. They spend more than 70% of time resting move incredibly slowly. These cuddly animals are among the smartest and most amazing animals on the planet. They are also one of the friendliest animals even when picked up by humans.


3. Keel Billed Toucan

This bird is large about 20-52 inches long. The bill can grow up to be up to one third the size of its body. Flashy and colorful birds can be found in the lowlands and rainforests of Costa Rica.  The beautiful colorful bill is surprisingly light despite the large size.

03-Keel billed Toucan


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