Top 8 Superfoods for 2016

7. Keep your digestive system healthy with Tigernuts


Photo credit: Robert McDon. via / CC BY

Tigernuts have been around for thousands year and even though they are not really nuts, they are sweet, gluten free, crunchy and delicious with a ton of health benefits.

Fight constipation with fiber

Tigernuts are the highest whole food source of a unique type of fiber called resistant starch. Fiber helps your body by providing simple relief and prevention of constipation and also keeps you fuller longer, helping with weight loss.

Due to the high contents of soluble glucose they can also help prevent cancer. Lately some investigators discovered that they can also help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The very high fiber content combined with a delicious taste make them ideal for healthy eating.

*Always consult your doctor before using any supplements


8. Get perfect skin with Baobab fruit powder


Photo credit: tommerton2010 via / CC BY

Baobab is a 100% natural and organic African super fruit.  Baobab fruit powder can be purchased at any health food stores.

Single serving of Baobab powder 2-3 teaspoons provides 33% of your daily Vitamin C requirement.

Baobab is almost 50% fiber. There are two types of fiber that your body needs: soluble and insoluble – and baobab contains equal quantities of both.

*Always consult your doctor before using any supplements


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